Initially Speaking…

O.S.I. – Blood [Inside Out]

The third album by the duo of Jim Matheos (Fates Warning) and Kevin Moore (Dream Theater/Chroma Key). This time they’ve added Porcupine Tree’s Gavin Harrison on drums. Gavin’s ultra precise drumming is a perfect fit for this kind of Prog Metal. The tunes go back and forth between dense guitar chugging numbers and more ethereal keyboard soundscapes all anchored by Kevin’s understated vocals. Mikael Ackerfeldt (Opeth) guests on the track “Stockholm” and Tim Bowness (No-Man) is featured on the bonus or should I saw ‘Bowness’ disc.

KTU – Quiver [Westpark Music]

The K in KTU (AKA K2) is accordion player Kimmo Pohjonen and the TU is the pre-existing duo of guitarist extraordinaire Trey Gunn and drummer Pat Mastelotto. The resulting music come across like World Music Prog Metal. If you’re a fan of Trey’s other projects like Gordian Knot and King Crimson you’ll love this. The Franco/Argentine flavor is an added bonus.

UKZ – Radiation [Global Music]

Another group featuring Trey Gunn (Warr Guitar) this time led by Zappa alum Eddie Jobson on keyboards and violins with Marco Minnemann on drums, Alex Machacek on guitar and Aaron Lipert on vocals. This EP comes across as a sampler showing what this band is capable of, which not surprisingly is a lot. The title track sounds like Trent Reznor had a hand in it and the others are more mellow and or Proggy. The last track is a solo guitar Jazz kinda thing.


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