Friday Morning Shuffle

20,000 Songs + 2 Hour Commute + iPod Shuffle = My Favorite Radio Station

Shadows Fall – Welcome to the Machine
Chris Thile – This is all Real
David Torn – Pasha (the shuffle loves David Torn this month)
Medeski Martin & Wood – Shack
Nels Cline – Interruption
Low – Blue-Eyed Devil
Comes With The Fall – Scarab
Black Flag – Police Story
King’s X – A Box (live)
Metallica – Eye of the Beholder (live)
Night In Gales – Wormsong
Medeski Martin & Wood – On an Airplane (from their children’s album)
Atheist – Fractal Point
Bruce Dickinson – Book of Thel
Frank Zappa – Exercise 4 (live)
Porcupine Tree – Every Home is Wired
Howlin’ Wolf – Do the Do (extended)
One Day As A Lion – If you Fear Dying
Bruce Dickinson – Spirit of Joy
Fission – Catastrophe Consumer
Primus – Jon The Fisherman (live)
Frank Zappa – RDNZL (live)
They Might Be Giants – Older
News For Lulu – Blue Minor II (live)
Nonpoint – To The Pain
Raymond Scott – Christmas Night in Harlem


About J

I am a happily married Father of three living in Westchester County New York.
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