Recent Listening

Voivod – Infini (Relapse)

Piggy may be gone, but he left behind several albums worth of finished guitar parts. It’s great to hear that his legacy lives on. Not sure how many of these they can scratch out though. Some of these songs sound a little thin. That said they’re better than most bands with living guitarists.

Iron Maiden – Flight 666 (Ume/Sony)

The ‘soundtrack’ to the brilliant documentary of the Somewhere Back In Time tour. Maiden may have a penchant for releasing one too many live albums but this one KILLS. It may be the first time that the 3 guitars have been captured so that you can actually hear them all. Check out The Trooper’s added harmonies and unison solo…insane. If you’re a Maiden fan and you missed the film do yourself a favor and get the DVD. It is VERY well done.

Sonic Youth – The Eternal (Matador)

Back on an indie label (Matador) and back to ‘songs.’ This is a pretty cohesive set of music that just might win the band some new fans who couldn’t get into the noisier material.

Bill Frisell – Disfarmer (Nonesuch)

Once again Frisell manages to find the perfect subject to attach his music to. First it was the Buster Keaton silent films then the animation of The Far Side. Now it’s the photographs of oddball Appalachian photographer Michael Disfarmer.

– Kauan
Tenhi – Maaaet
Tenhi – Vare

Dark Finnish folk metal that’s absolutely beautiful in it’s bleakness.

The Music Of Islam Vol. 1-15 (Celestial Harmonies)

Field recordings of some of the most intense and moving music on the planet. Extensively researched and annotated. Each volume deals with a specific area or style. I could listen to this stuff forever.


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I am a happily married Father of three living in Westchester County New York.
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