Where the HELL have you been?!?!!?!? I’ve been here every day diligently adding new stuff to this here blog and you, well YOU haven’t been around for three months!!!!

What’s that you say? I managed to get that backwards? Oh, right…sorry about that.

Let’s spin the Wheel of Excuses and see what we come up with shall we? Excuse #1 – Crazy Goings On in the Workplace…Excuse #2 – Dismissal from said Workplace…Excuse #3 – Three Weeks Driving Cross Country with my Family…Excuse #4 – Getting the Kids ready for School. That oughta do it for now.

You want details you say well way back in April/May the company I work for was acquired by a corporate giant who also happened to own our competition. I braced myself for the bad news, but was pleasantly surprised to be offered a position so life went on. Until…a month or so later when they ‘changed their minds’ and told me to pack my things and leave at the end of July.

I had just put the finishing touches on a cross country driving trip for my family when I suddenly found myself unchained from my desk with time on my hands. Rather than send them on their way and fly out West to meet them later I decided to pack my things and join them for a three week trip from NY to California and back (more on that later). Upon our return my lovely wife had a week long gig in Manhattan so I had the pleasure of spending most of that time with my young daughter. Following that we had to get the boys ready for school as Nicolas was heading off to 4th Grade and Alex was starting Kindergarten.

There I think we’re all caught up…


About J

I am a happily married Father of three living in Westchester County New York.
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