Cross Country Trip 2009 continued…

Hoover Dam/Bridge – We had been across the dam before on other trips, but after it made an appearance in the first Transformers movie the kids really wanted to see it. I think once they got there they forgot all about the movie and were blown away by the sheer size of it. Almost more impressive than the dam itself is the new bridge construction. The main arch supporting it has been connected but the roadway above it has not leaving two roads to nowhere in the middle of the sky. The kids said it was the coolest thing they saw on the whole trip. It’s scheduled to be completed sometime next year.

Four Corners Monument – This stop was not on the originally itinerary but my wife thought it would be worth the deviation from the plan to go see it. In case you’re not familiar it is the only point in the US common to 4 states: Arizona, New Mexico, Utah and Colorado. The Navajo Indians run it and charge $3 per person to get in. Supposedly the marker isn’t even in the right spot…

The Columbus Zoo – Columbus, OH – We planned to get to Columbus the night before and go to the zoo the next morning. Tickets are very reasonable ($12 adults) plus you can use your AAA card for additional discounts. The big news was that a new baby elephant had been born recently and was only on view certain days. We lined up right away to see it and it everyone was suitably impressed. Other highlights of the zoo were the Rays in the Manatee tank eating lettuce, the ape who was tormenting his new little brother and the 3 week old flamingos. I thought the grounds were clean and the exhibits were very artistically done.

Lake of the Ozarks, MO – A huge man made lake in Southern Missouri, most people have never heard of it. We are lucky enough to have friends who retired there so we try and visit whenever we drive cross country. The lake fills up with tourists on the weekends and during the week in summer, but we were there on a Sunday afternoon so it was relatively quiet. The few speedboats did create some huge wakes though which made it hard to swim or even stay afloat at times.

to be continued…


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