Ahh Norway

The internet can be a wonderful thing sometimes…

A week or so ago I was reading one of my favorite music blogs and discovered a band called Folque from Norway that formed in the 70’s playing a blend of Folk/Rock that appeals to the Scandinavian Folk Music Geek in me. As often happens I started digging around for more information while chatting with a fellow geek and we quickly found another interesting band called Gate only to find that they no longer existed. A quick message to a friend in Sweden resulted in the information that the guitarist from gate had formed a new band called 22

Now all of a sudden I have the Quality Problem of a lot of new music to check out. Joy.

The early work by Folque caught my attention because it reminded me of Hedningarna with their dual female vocals and acoustic instruments. I don’t speak Norwegian so I don’t know what they’re saying, I just love the sound. I guess at some point in the 80’s they (like everyone) adopted the hip ‘modern’ sound of keyboards and synths which didn’t quite do anything for me.

Gate on the other hand is a more contemporary Rock band with some Folk influences and is similar to Hoven Droven . In 2005 lead vocalist Gunnhild Sundli decided to leave to pursue ‘other opportunities’ which opened the door for yet another new band formed by guitarist Magnus Børmark.

Continuing forward in time we come to the current band ’22’ formed by Magnus Børmark. American listeners will liken their sound to The Mars Volta or a faster version of Herb Alexander’s new band Into The Presence. I look forward to hearing more material from them and will reach out to see if they’d like to talk about their upcoming projects. Stay tuned…


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I am a happily married Father of three living in Westchester County New York.
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