Indukti – Idmen (2009, Inside Out/Mystic Productions)

Gotta love those bands that you take a random chance on without knowing anything about them.  Indukti is one of those bands.  I was reading some random blog and saw a guy that appeared to have similar taste in music.  He had some Mr. Bungle, Estradasphere, Melvins and the clincher was Alamaailman Vasarat.  Anyone who even knows who they are is ok in my book.  At this point I feel safe in checking out any of the other bands he’s talking about so I choose one at random.

Indukti…dunno what they sound like so I go looking for their site and see what I can find.  Turns out they’re a Prog Metal band from Poland and have been around for about ten years.  All very highly trained musicians with extremely varied listening habits.  They’re into Indian, Australian, Middle Eastern, Prog and obviously Metal.  What happens when they throw it all together is intense.  The darkness and tension of their favorite ‘World’ music recreated with the tools of modern-day Metal is astounding.  The ever-present violin also keeps your ear piqued to the other intricacies that are happening in the background.

This is one of those records that you will finish and immediately play again (and again) in order to catch what you may have missed the first time.  The drums and percussion alone require one listening.  Just when you think you have them figured out and have played the Tool card you’re hit with things like dulcimer and trumpet.  ‘Aemaet’ has an intro that recalls Kronos Quartet’s Black Angels with its dissonant eerie guitar line which is immediately echoed by the violin before settling into a Rush like groove.  This album really has it all for the Prog Metal Geek.  The centerpiece of Idmen is the ten minute plus ‘…And Who’s The God Now?!’ which builds very slowly from rumbling tribal drums, whispers  and ethereal guitar into a full-out demonic roar before winding down with what sounds like a field recording of post hunt aboriginal chanting by the fire.

Their previous album S.U.S.A.R., 2005 (Laser’s Edge) has a similar sound but is more subdued somehow. like a caged version of the ferocity they’re capable of on Idmen.  Think more Porcupine Tree and less Meshuggah.

I haven’t been this excited about discovering a new band since I first heard Pain of Salvation.  I just hope they don’t wait another four years before recording another album.  Check out the MP3’s below and let me know what you think.

For fans of: Tool, King Crimson, Sleepytime Gorilla Museum, Neurosis, Meshuggah, Alamaailman Vasarat, Unexpect.

Idmen Tracklist
01. Sansara (MP3)
02. Tusan homichi tuvota (MP3)
03. Sunken bell (MP3)
04. …and who’s the God now?!
05. Indukted
06. Aemaet
07. Nemesis voices
08. Ninth wave

Indukti Official Site

Inside Out Music

Laser’s Edge


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