53rd Annual Grammy Award Nominees

I don’t really like the Grammy’s, I just don’t think there’s much credibility to them anymore.  Think of the over 100 categories and the people who are eligible to vote on them.  A classical expert can pick a Cajun record to win at random having never even heard it.  I’d like to think that if you don’t know anything about a category then you just don’t vote.  But this being part of the music business I’m sure there are campaigns going on to gather votes from all over, no matter if they’ve heard it or not.  A kind of Quid Pro Quo deal where people help each other out in the voting.

Once in a while they get it right, but it almost feels like they feel bad for an artist and decide it’s ‘their time’ to finally get an award, like several years ago when Bonnie Raitt took home a few statues.  There’s also the infamous Metallica/Jethro Tull debacle with 1989’s first ever Grammy for heavy Metal.

I skimmed over the list of nominees this morning and felt like commenting on a few, just my opinions so don’t get all excited.

Record/Song of the Year: Cee Lo was nominated for ‘Fuck You.’  I think that’s fucking cool.

Best New Artist: Always a fake kind of award based on the RIAA’s definition of ‘new.’  Nice to see Esperanza Spalding representing the Jazz Crossover World here, too bad she’s up against that annoying embryo with hair.

Best Male Pop Vocal: The obligatory Michael Jackson nod…leave him alone indeed.

Pop Instrumental: Jeff Beck, Brian Setzer. Laurie Anderson, Stanley Clarke, Gorillaz…WTF?

Pop Instrumental: Kenny G is not Jazz, even the RIAA says so…not that it’ll stop them from giving him a Jazz nod in the future I’m sure.

Pop Vocal, Bieber, Perry, Gaga, Boyle, Mayer…zzzzzzzzz trapped in an elevator to Hell.

Traditional Pop: I like that guys like Rod Stewart are making oldschool records, I think he really loves the music and it shows.

Solo Rock Vocal: Clapton, McCartney, Plant, Neil Young…what year is it again?

Hard Rock: Alice In Chains, Soundgarden, Stone Temple Pilots, Ozzy….I said what year is it?!

Metal: Maiden, Korn, Lamb of God, Megadeth, Slayer….is it too redundant to say ‘what year is it’ again?

Rock Instrumental: Beck, Dweezil, Los Lobos, Black Keys, Dave Matthews…ok I can see that….

Rock Album: Jeff Beck, Pearl Jam, Muse, Tom Petty, Neil Young…did anybody under 40 put out an album in 2010?  I thought Rock was about the kids???

Alternative: Arcade Fire, Black Keys, band of Horses, Broken Bells, Vampire Weekend. Is this really still a category?

I don’t know squat about Rap, Country or R&B so we’ll skip all those thankyouverymuch.

Contemporary Jazz: Stanley Clarke, Joey DeFrancesco, Jeff Lorber, John McLaughlin, Trombone Shorty….anyone that can pull off a nomination playing the Trombone is ok with me…bring it home Shorty.

Improvised Jazz Solo: Herbie Hancock, Keith Jarrett, Alan Broadbent, Hank Jones, Wynton…Herbie has enough so does Wynton.  As much as I’d like to see Keith win this just so we could watch him berate the audience I REALLY hope Hank Jones wins this posthumously, such a legend and soooo well-respected by everyone…a sweet sweet man.

Americana: Willie Nelson, Rosanne Cash, Los Lobos, Robert Plant, Mavis Staples….Willie has pending Legal Expenses so maybe a win here will move a few units for the cause.

Traditional Blues: Cyndi Lauper?

Contemporary Blues: RIP Solomon Burke…gotta love the sympathy vote…

Traditional World Music: I love Ali Farka Toure too, but every year?

Contemporary World Music: I know it seems odd, but the Bela Africa Project is deserving of this, even if Pt. one won already…I think…

Kids Record: Gotta go with They Might be Giants…

Best Musical Show: Fela! Yeah Yeah!

Instrumental Arrangement: I think it’s honorable that they still give an award for this, but I doubt anyone understands it…a shout out to Frank Macchia and Ted Nash…two guys who know where the notes go on the paper.

Best Recording Package: Another one I’m glad they still give…best audio file or best stream doesn’t quite have the same ring to it.

Best Box Set: The Pixies box is pretty even if there’s nothing new in it.

Best Liner Notes: I’ve always like Ashley Kahn’s Coltrane stuff.

Best Surround Sound Album: Really?  Steven Wilson…why not?

Best Short Video: Why does the RIAA even do these….’Fuck You.’

Best Long Video: Rush.

Best Polka: ….what’s that…the bagged the Polka Category?  Jimmy Sturr WHERE ARE YOU!??!!?!?

And lastly ummm what?

60. Best Regional Mexican Album

Vocal or Instrumental.


There were fewer than ten artists entered into this category, so per Academy rules The Recording Academy will not be announcing nominations or presenting a GRAMMY Award in this category this year.
See all the nominees here:








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One Response to 53rd Annual Grammy Award Nominees

  1. eh, I kind of lost touch with the Grammys. It really has no bearing on my tastes, as I mainly buy indie music… every once in a while it get a good nomination (Zak Morgan’s childrens album produced by Ric Hordinski was uber-indie), but for the most part, it’s radio crap.

    I hope the Dweez wins instrumental rock album. I doubt it, though. The Hard Rock and Metal categories are silly. I mean, yeah… all good/great bands… but nothing pushing any boundaries.

    I sure hope Steven Wilson / Porcupine Tree wins the surround sound one, but honestly that one should have (also) been in the Hard Rock category. The Incident is a GREAT album. The timing of these awards shows always throw me off… Incident came out in Fall 2009… must have been right around the cut-off time.

    Agreed re: nom to Cee Lo. Fantastic song.


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