I’m convinced that the shuffle function on my iPod is not quite random.  There are currently 20, 826 songs on my iPod and in a 25 song shuffle we have seven live tracks and four that are King’s X related.

Naked City – Demon Sanctuary (live): John Zorn’s Punk/Jazz group.

Van Halen – Jump (live): Really? It’s Van Halen…

Howlin’ Wolf – I Want Your Picture: One of the best voices in Blues.

Alamaailman Vasarat – Jano: Finnish heavy Jazz weirdness.

Dalbello – Body And Soul: Canadian chanteuse.

Mr. Bungle – Grizzly Adams (demo): This band could do anything.

King’s X – Visions (live): A recent live staple from my favorite band.

Minutemen – Joe McCarthy’s Ghost: How can you go wrong?

Pixies – Crackity Jones: Spazz Pop Perfection.

Black Sabbath – Turn Up The Night: The Mob Rules…RIP Dio.

The Germs – Round And Round: Punk and then some.

Charlie Parker – Chi-Chi: The Latin side of Bird.

The Edge (King’s X) – I Wanna Be Like You (live): Wayyyy back.

James Murphy – Contagion: Intelligent shredding.

Voivod – Voivod (demo): Early raw.

Secret Chiefs 3 – Exodus: Avant Metal twang.

The Gathering – Eleanor (live): Anneke…

Omnium Gatherum – Cure A Wound: Melodic Death.

King’s X – Johnny (live): Love the jammed out solo.

Faith No More – Easy (live)

The Who – Silas Stingy: Who?

Roland Kirk – Waltz Of The Friends: Man with a horn, or 3…

Rayassa Fatima Tabaamrant – Tirra N Ilys: Moroccan vocalist.

King’s X (dUg Pinnick) – Down (demo): home studio goodness.

Bukken Bruse – Solospel: Bomarislatten: Annbjorg Lien’s other band.



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I am a happily married Father of three living in Westchester County New York.
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2 Responses to Shuffle

  1. Ah, The Edge. You also have Sneak Preview? Super dated, but nice for the KX completist. I found it on vinyl (!)…

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