Phish – Live Bait Vol. 03 (Worcester, MA)

Love them or hate them Phish have figured out who their fans are and know what they want.  I used to go see them play when I was in college in New Hampshire.  Tickets for the first show I went to were $3…yeah.  The second show I think they jumped a whopping $1 to $4, but at that show some frat boy pulled the fire alarm at intermission so we only got to see half a concert.

They were nice guys and liked to hang around on campus while visiting from their neighboring Vermont.  I had heard they were big Zappa fans so that’s what sold me.  Somewhere around here I still have an original copy of their Junta cassette plus some hand-made tickets.  Ebay anyone?

I stopped going to see them when they raised their ticket prices to a staggering $12.50 and moved from campus to the local theater.  A couple of years later I had moved to NYC and all but forgotten about them when I saw they were playing a week of shows at The Beacon Theater on the Upper West Side….oh to think I knew them when…

Anyway they have a ton of live stuff available at their site and once in a while they throw some free stuff up…register at Live Phish and download them, hey it’s free.  Oh and yeah that’s not a typo, ‘Runaway Jim’ is almost an hour-long.

Countdown/Auld Lang Syne > 2:03
(1993-12-31 Worcester Centrum –  Worcester, MA)

Down With Disease Jam > 3:38
(1993-12-31 Worcester Centrum –  Worcester, MA)

Split Open And Melt 10:06
(1993-12-31 Worcester Centrum – Worcester,  MA)

Runaway Jim 58:47
(1997-11-29 Worcester Centrum – Worcester, MA)

Llama 4:58
(1991-12-31 Worcester Memorial Auditorium “The New Aud” –  Worcester, MA)

  • Production Credits:

    tracks 1-3 recorded by GBH Mobile  (Steve Colby, Jane Pipik)
    track 4 recorded by Paul Languedoc
    track 5 recorded by Jon Altschiller

  • compiled by Kevin Shapiro
  • mastered by Fred Kevorkian, Kevorkian Mastering, November 2010



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I am a happily married Father of three living in Westchester County New York.
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2 Responses to Phish – Live Bait Vol. 03 (Worcester, MA)

  1. Dan Sieger says:

    if memory serves, you gave me one of those hand-made tickets at one point – I’ll have to dig it up. These Live Bait releases have been really terrific – and of course make nice “bait” for people to buy more of the SBDs on the Livephish site…

    • kiscodad says:

      I may have…I think I only have one left. At the fire alarm show there was a huge pile of them on a table on the way out. I should have grabbed them all. I still have posters from various 1990-1993 shows. Other bands could really learn a lot from the way Phish have handled their business…

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