RIP Dime

I was never the biggest Pantera fan, but Dime’s death was hard for me none the less.  I remember watching the story break on 6 years ago.  The facts were still coming in and no one was really sure what had happened or even who had been killed.  Incorrect band names were tossed around which kept everyone guessing.  It suddenly dawned on me that they were trying to say Damageplan and that meant Dime.

I never met the man or even saw him play, but I’ve talked to a lot of people who have and everyone has the same thing to say…he was one of the good guys.

RIP Dime, you are missed and loved by many.



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I am a happily married Father of three living in Westchester County New York.
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One Response to RIP Dime

  1. I saw them once at Hara Arena in Dayton, Ohio. Pretty damn good live band. Mega-bill with Slayer & Morbid Angel (Pantera was the closer). I think Morbid Angel was the tightest metal band I’ve ever seen live, but Pantera has the pyrotechnics. 🙂

    It was odd when I found out he got shot at Al Rosa Villa in Columbus. I had been there COUNTLESS times… saw my first Galactic Cowboys show there, saw King’s X there a bunch… and some imbalanced douchebag hops up on stage to shot at Dime & Co… ugh… sick world.


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