HMV: Canceled Due To Snow

You know things are really bad when a little snow forces you to shut down 60 stores…first the NFL and now HMV.

NME is reporting today that HMV Records is closing 60 stores in the UK over the next year due to ‘challenging trading conditions’ and….bad weather.  It’s pretty sad when a major music retailer has to close because there was some *gasp* snow in the winter.  Makes it sound like they’re farmers doesn’t it.  ‘Ayuh crops froze this December so we’re going to have to close up shop and send y’all home.’

I worked at HMV in the US during their short-lived stay here in the 90’s.  As I recall, they had to shut down the US operation due to the poor real estate market.  Seems they sent a few UK scouts across the pond to check out locations in NYC and they snatched up spot on the Upper West Side of Manhattan (72nd & Broadway) and on the East Side (86th & Lexington) without really crunching the numbers.  At one point I saw what the rent was on those stores and as you might guess neither of them made enough money to cover the rent, let alone anything else.

Still it was fun while it lasted and I made some lifelong friends of both co-workers and customers.  I learned almost everything I know about Jazz during my time at HMV from my mentor Dave Dunn and set out on a journey that would result in 15 years in the music industry.

Sad to see it all go to crap.




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