2011 So Far

I pledged to try and be better about keeping track of what I listen to in 2011 so I thought I’d post a little update to prove it.

January 1

Soilwork – A few friends have been raving about the latest Soilwork, it’s aight.

Early Man – Still digesting their new one…stay tuned.

Puya – So glad my favorite Latino Metal band got back together to record…now if only they’d bring back the horn section!

January 3

Atheist – This was on a LOT of top ten lists for 2010 so I thought I’d better check it out…still listening.

Pillars of the Earth (Trevor Morris) – Got the DVD set of this UK mini series for Xmas and just finished watching it.  The music is a cool blend of old and new instruments and sounds.  Loved the book and loved the series.

January 5

MMW – Live at Tonic…I used to go see these guys in the mid 90’s when no one knew who they were.  Then one day I show up at the Knitting Factory and the line goes around the block.  Turns out they had just played with Phish…

The New Mastersounds – I saw these guys a few years ago at SxSW upon the suggestion from a friend…it’s got a funky beat and you can dance to it but I want  more diversity in the sound.

Earth – Droney goodness, I liked the last one better with Bill Frisell on guitar.

January 6

Segovia Bach – I bought this CD a million years ago and mentioned it here a couple weeks ago.  Brilliant.

January 7

King Crimson – This is a band that I’ve been meaning to get deeper into for years.  I have a few things, mostly recent.  You always see them referenced in other bands’ bios so I’ve been listening to Islands a lot, the Steven Wilson remix. So much good music on their catalog.

January 8

U.S. Christmas – I heard about these guys when Baroness hyped them in an interview…loving their new record…dense in a good way.

January 12

Garth Knox – His Damore record on ECM was in my top ten of 2009.  he plays a Viola D’amore which has sympathetic resonating strings and makes a cool droney sound not unlike a Hardanger Fiddle.  I went looking to see if he’d done anything new and found an album of solo improv on this online label SHSK’H

January 13

shsk’h – See above…found a bunch of cool contemporary classical pieces here…

Well that covers a couple weeks, more later.


About J

I am a happily married Father of three living in Westchester County New York.
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