2011 Continued…

January 15

Turkish Freakout – Ever have someone send you a link to a bizarre music blog that has you listening to the coolest strange music you’ve ever heard?  Ever have that blog link to other similar blogs so that you spend all day smiling like an idiot and bouncing in front of the computer?  Yeah it’s like that…

Turkish Psychedelic Music

Holy Warbles

John Berberian – Armenian Oud master who tried to cross over into the pop world and actually had one of his covers renamed Iron Maiden…how can you go wrong.  There are a ton of cool Middle Eastern Rock type records out there Jo/No’s Audio Delights is just one.

Tin Machine I & II – I had Tin Machine I on cassette and use to ride around in my Jeep blasting it.  I think maybe 3 people besides me liked this band and I know 2 of them.

Chick Ganimian – Similar to John Berberian, Chick was a Middle Eastern Oud player who covered songs like ‘Over The Rainbow’ while also playing his own tunes.   He made a live record with Jazz flutist Herbie Mann that fused Jazz with Middle Eastern themes…simply delightful.

Herbie Mann – The Wailing Dervishes, see above…

Masters of Turkish Music – Yep, more traditional Turkish music this time.

January 17

Killing Joke – Absolute Dissent was another record that was on a lot of top ten lists that I missed the first time around.  What a great dark and heavy record.  Most Metal fans know them for The Wait’ which Metallica covered, but fans of Evergrey really need to check this out too.  I also went back and listened to the first Killing Joke album, I can’t imagine what people thought of it when it came out.  It wasn’t the breakneck punk that everyone was used to at the time.

Negative Trend EP – Classic American Hardcore.

Black Flag – I’ve been reading a lot of Henry Rollins’ stuff and the Black Flag catalog provides excellent background music, plus you can listen to their entire output in a few hours.  One of my great musical regrets is missing the chance to see Black Flag in Boston in 1984.  I was 13 and home with my little sister when some older friends came knocking to say they were going in to see the show.  I had to say no and have regretted it ever since.

State of Alert – Henry’s first band, raw raw raw aggression.


January 18

Wire – Red Barked Tree, not unlike Killing Joke these guys from the early 80s are back with new music though Wire’s current output seems to have changed more over the last 30 years than Killing Joke’s.

Amplifier – The Octopus is a self released 2 CD project that has its ups and downs.  I first heard Amplifier when they were touring with Oceansize.  Some of this record fades into the background and some makes you stop what you’re doing and listen.  Maybe it could have been edited down into 1 disc.

Grinderman II – again another record that Mr. Rollins suggested via his LA Weekly article…Nick Cave is bad ass.

Fela collection – Power Show 4 – Got a message on Facebook the other day and it didn’t look right.  It said something about Power Shot 4 for $7.99 at Amazon, so I went and had a look.  It looked like they were selling 7 hours of Fela for $7.99…could it be true?  I happened to have an iTunes gift card lying around so I checked iTunes and they had it for $9.99 so I thought I’d better buy it before someone changed their mind.  18 Fela tracks, and if you know Fela you know that most of his tracks are 20+ minutes.  An amazing deal on some amazing music.  If you’re a fan and need even two of these albums then you should pick it up.

Fela – Power Shot 4 at Amazon

Army Arrangement/Beasts of no Nation/Unknown Soldier/Coffin for Head of State/International Thief Thief/Live in Amstrerdam/O.D.O.O./Original Suffer Head/Teacher Don’t Teach Me Nonsense/Underground System/The Two Sides of Fela


January 19

Gregg Allman – Low Country Blues – I love when artists can successfully go back to their roots.

Vintersorg – Hedniskhjärtad – I saw Vintersorg play at one of the NJ Metalfests at what I think may have been their only US show.  Black Metal goodness with the occasional sung vocal.


January 20

Robert Fripp – Churchscapes – I’ve been experimenting with listening to music while falling asleep.  This live Fripp album recorded at churches in England and Estonia is gorgeous.

Gang Green – King of Bands – Boston punk rock fun.

Pat Metheny – Orchestrion – This whole project intrigued me, but I think it’s better seen than just heard.


January 22

Brian Eno – Here Come The Warm Jets – Still trying to get into Eno…it comes off as pretentious to me.

Joe Satriani – live and new 2010 – Mike Keneally is in Joe’s new band so that kick started me to check it out.  The live show is really good and Joe pulls out a bunch of older songs that I used to listen to in college.

Gang of Four – Content, see Killing Joke and Wire above…this record sounds amazing and may be the best of the three 80s band comeback albums.

Opeth (live 2006) – An amazing sounding live show that must have been a radio broadcast from Melboune.  I saw Opeth a few times early and a few times recently but missed the middle 2000s.  They play ‘The Amen Corner’ from My Arms Your Hearse and Mike is his usual witty self.

Neon Christ – EPs – Will ‘Kip’ DuVall plays all the guitars and wrote most of the lyrics for Neon Christ, an 80s punk band from Atlanta.  He went on to be in another short-lived band called Madfly before starting Comes With The Fall which would become his primary vehicle…until Jerry Cantrell and Alice In Chains came calling.  CWTF was Jerry’s backing band on the Degradation Trip tour and also played in the opening slot.  Later when AIC was asked to perform at the VH1 Heart tribute they asked Will to do the vocals.  That later turned into a full time gig with Alice.  We love AIC, but hope he comes back to CWTF soon.


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