RIP Gary Moore

Back in the early to mid 80s just as CDs were becoming the music format of choice, a local record store sold off all of their LPs for a buck apiece so I bought as many as I could carry home on my bike.  One of the things I picked up was Thin Lizzy’s 1983 live album ‘Life.’  Featured as a guest on that record was one Gary Moore.  He only played on two tracks during a jam when past members of the band joined everyone else on stage, but it made an impression on my young ears.  The addition of three more  guitarists made the normal dual guitar harmonies (which are exquisite to begin with) even better.

A few years later I was lucky enough to catch and tape a live radio broadcast from The Paradise rock club in Boston featuring Gary Moore and his band. According to a site I found that lists bands that have played at the venue, the show was September 1st 1987.  I damn near wore that tape out it was so good.  Ironically the other side of the tape featured a 1989 show by Jeff Healey who passed away in 2008.

Here’s a song from that show:

The existing version of Thin Lizzy is currently on tour and have announced that the rest of the dates will be dedicated to Gary Moore’s memory.

Gary Moore was 58 and as of now the cause of death is only listed as a heart attack.  He was taken from us far too soon and will be sorely missed.

Gary Moore Official Site


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