Free Devin Townsend EP

Yay free music!

I love when labels give you free music for doing something really simple like helping to spread the word about an upcoming release or a tour.  Let’s face it, you were probably going to do it anyway, but now it comes with its own soundtrack.  What you get here is a live 5-song EP from Hevy Devy in return for telling (or warning if you like) your European friends that he’s coming their way in March.

Here’s the link…do it…DO IT NOW!!!!

Oh just a word of caution, if you’re going to play this in your ultra conservative office or around any impressionable youth you may want to keep the pause/volume control handy as Devin uses some (hilariously) colorful language.  It’s too late for my kids however, my 2 and a half year old daughter has started using the word butt crack at every opportunity.  She’s so cute…maybe Devin can use her on an upcoming project…

Just to be fair and balanced, here’s a clip from Devin in the studio being much more subdued.

As always Devin has about thirteen projects going on at once so be sure to check out his official site for all the latest info.


Devin Townsend Official


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