Grammy Observations

I don’t usually watch the Grammy Awards, but I really wanted to see The Beach Boys so I tuned in and managed to catch most of it.  Here are some of my thoughts…

I liked Katy Perry’s performance. The fact that it started as a lip synch thing then she appeared on the other end of the stage and was actually singing was cool. I like her better when she’s being goofy and having fun and I could do without the male backup dancers.

Chris Brown is a moron.

Taylor Swift plays the banjo like one of the Ramones.  (I’ve been told that she was actually playing a guitar made to look like a banjo which might explain why she was playing chords…)

The Beach Boys are old and forget the words to their own songs but are still better than Chris Brown.  Maroon 5 dude proved that some people shouldn’t try and sing Beach Boys tunes…Foster The People (?) did a better job.

I don’t have anything against electronic music, but I don’t think it has a place at this kind of an award show.  And how was that a tribute to Don Cornelius?

While Coldplay was performing, my 12-year-old kept saying, ‘what the Hell is THIS?’  Nuff asid there.

Glen Campbell is a legend and got lost leaving the stage…awesome.

I’m not a big McCartney fan and thought his valentine performance was weak, though it was good to see Diana Krall representing Jazz in some small way.  I won’t make a negative Beatles comment so I don’t get beaten to death by the faithful…but the guitar jam was a cool way to end the show.  Apparently Macka has it in his contract that he always gets to close the show.

I’d never heard Bruno Mars before, but that one was fun in a Fishbone meets James Brown kinda way.  I might have to check out more of his music.

I like Kelly Clarkson and don’t really know Jason Aldean, but that wasn’t horrible.

The Alicia Keys/Bonnie Raitt tribute to Etta James was well done.

Tony Bennett is finally starting to look and sound old.  I wonder if Carrie Underwood even knows who he is.  Did she call him Tony Bennis…twice?

Jennifer Hudson’s Whitney tribute was spot on, simple and elegant.  I can’t imagine how hard that was for her.

Adele is so real it’s funny.  She laughs like a mad woman off mic and then has ‘snot issues’ while accepting one of her 6 awards.  I’m impressed that she didn’t curse because she has a mouth like a truck driver.  It’s odd to see people flock to her…there are lots of other real singers who can really sing, but for some reason the mainstream press picked her.

I like Foo Fighters and all, but they won best Rock and best Hard Rock/Metal which doesn’t seem fair.  Dave probably didn’t think so either hence the Slayer shirt.  I enjoyed his acceptance speech, even if they did cut him off.  They’re on RCA so Clive Davis can have them perform every year for as long as he wants.  Is there a better mainstream Rock band that would play the Grammy’s?

I wanted to like the Nicki Minaj…performance because it was trying (I think) to be edgy and dangerous, but it just left me confused and bored.

Gaga went home winless and looked uncomfortable in her outfit.  I kinda felt bad for her.  Maybe it’s time to hang up the image and focus on the music, I think she’s capable of it.

Bon Iver won for best new artist over Nicki Minaj in a move not dissimilar to last year’s Esperanza Spalding win over Justin Bieber.  That may be the only category with any real merit these days.

I missed Springsteen and Civil Wars hence no comments on their performances.

There were several passings that were left off the list…Cesaria Evora, Bob Brookmeyer, Jani Lane, Cory Smoot, Paul Motian, Motorhead Sherwood, Sam Rivers, Mark Reale, Mike Starr, Seth Putnam, Mikey Welsh, David Gold.  I know they can’t get them all, but there are some pretty big names on this list.



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