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Land of 1000 Listens

Forget hipsters, scenesters and taste makers…if you want an opinion on good music then you’re going to go with someone you trust.  It can be a friend, colleague or just someone who listens to a lot of music from a … Continue reading

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Now Playing: 2012 pt. 1

Every year I promise myself I’ll be better at keeping track of my listening habits.  Why should 2012 be any different?  Well here we go… Uri Caine Trio – Siren (Winter & Winter, 2011) I’ve been a fan of Uri’s … Continue reading

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Ancient To The Future: The Wisdom Of Milford Graves

Jazz fan?  Drummer?  Musician?  Scientist? Curious?  If you answered yes to any of these questions then take a look at the official trailer for Ancient To The Future: The Wisdom Of Milford Graves.  This documentary was directed by William DuVall … Continue reading

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Razl – Microscopic (2011, Martian Sheep)

WARNING!  Highly Infectious Guitar and Beyond Ridden Groove-A Thon! So reads the back of Microscopic by Spain’s Razl (AKA Raul Huelves).  I’m not one to argue with such a definitive statement, when you pop this sucker into your CD player … Continue reading

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RIP Saundra Hummer

Sandi Hummer August 10, 1938 – April 13, 2011 I just learned about the death of a dear friend.  A woman I never met or even spoke to, yet shared many a conversation. Sandi was a regular poster on the … Continue reading

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Now Playing

Necrocomicon – Hot Dog Cart Hunger: (free download) ‘Black Metal’ versions of 80s hits…how can you go wrong? Bob Mould – The Calm Before The Storm, live 1991 (bootleg) King’s X – Montreal 9/29/2009 (bootleg) King’s X – Austin 8/1/1997 … Continue reading

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Ben Allison – Action-Refraction (Palmetto, 2011)

What IS Jazz?  This is one of those questions that inevitably comes up whenever you get a few Jazz fans together.  No one ever asks ‘What is Rock?’ or ‘What is Folk?’  I mean I guess they do, but it … Continue reading

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