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What’s Your Stub Story?

If you’re a music geek like me, chances are you have a box, pile or even a well-organized scrapbook full of old ticket stubs.  I’d be willing to bet that you could tell an interesting story for each of them.  … Continue reading

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Frank Macchia – Son Of Folk Songs For Jazzers (2010, Cacophony, Inc.)

Quick, name your top five Jazz artists.  Easy enough right?  Now name your top five Jazz composers…ok so maybe that’s a little harder because maybe you don’t pay attention to who wrote what.  Now name your top five arrangers…I said … Continue reading

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The Alphabet of Musical Nations

You might be familiar with the song “The Alphabet Of Nations” by They Might Be Giants from their album Here Come The ABC’s CD/DVD (2005).  Well we’re going to take that a step further here and investigate the music from … Continue reading

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So your kid wants an iPod…

As a self diagnosed music addict I was thrilled when my 10 year old son asked for an iPod. I had visions of him browsing my 5,000 or so CD’s and asking me to fill his 8gig Nano with all … Continue reading

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